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Neoteric is a Tucson AZ-based high-level vocal ensemble with an emphasis on 21st century music and premiering new and exciting works.



​​Neoteric Chamber Choir is available for hire and to premiere new works. Direct all inquiries to the director, Dane A Carten:

Phone:  248 - 396 - 0457​




  1. new or modern; recent.

    "another effort by the White House to display its neoteric wizardry went awry"


  1. a modern person; a person who advocates new ideas.

Headshot of a choral conductor

Dane A Carten

Founder and Artistic Director

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the vanguard of choral music, dedicated to the creation and performance of new and innovative works that inspire, challenge, and uplift both our members and our audiences.


  1. Elevating Voices: We aim to empower our singers to be vocal pioneers, pushing the boundaries of their own abilities and contributing to the growth and development of the choral art form.

  2. Education and Exploration: We are dedicated to educating our members and audiences about contemporary choral music, offering insights into the creative process, and fostering a deeper appreciation for the evolving landscape of the genre.

  3. Supporting Composers: We aim to provide a supportive environment for composers, encouraging them to experiment and create, while ensuring their work is given the recognition and respect it deserves.

By living our mission, Neoteric Chamber Choir strives to be a catalyst for musical exploration, an advocate for emerging composers, and a source of inspiration for all who share our belief in the transformative potential of new choral works. Together, we sing on the forefront of innovation, reshaping the choral landscape and touching hearts with the beauty of the unfamiliar.

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